Tokyo is a great place to visit.  The Imperial Palace in the center of town is huge and it is something that everyone should see.  Even though the city is enormous it is not that bad to get around in if you use the subway system (don't drive).  One downside of it being the third largest city in the world is that most of the hotels have the smallest rooms you have ever seen.  My favorite hotel is the Ana and even though it is beautiful, the rooms are the size of most closets.  There are a ton of places to see in Tokyo whether it is the Repunge district where most of the tourists and expatriates go or more authentic areas like Ginza and Akasaka to name a few.  I recommend a trip to the Tokyo Tower (similar to the Space Needle) for a great view of Mount Fuji on a clear day as well as Kokugikan the Sumo arena.  Even though the Yen is basically 100 to every one Dollar it is one of the most EXPENSIVE places in the world to live and visit and this is never more obvious then after a night of sushi and sake at Barbacoa;-)  Kampai!