If you visit Orlando make sure you hit the bars on Paradise Island.  The Hard Rock and Swan are two good hotels with lots of offer.  Islands of Adventure and Epoch are great places to spend the afternoon, make sure you ride Spiderman, the Hulk and the Dragon;)  Make sure you go to City walk and hit Pat O'Brien's (tell Sarah hi) for some beads and a drink, as well as Margaritaville (hi to Traci).  The Groove is a very cool club.  If Orlando (families) is not your style venture down to Fort Lauderdale and the bars on the beach or South Beach in Miami for the clubs and nightlife.  The real getaways are Venice Beach, Sanibel Island and the Keys for diving and snorkeling.


                Louisville and Lexington are good ol' towns.  If you get the chance I highly recommend visiting Louisville during the first weekend in May (the Derby baby).  If you go you have two options the expensive black tie grandstands or the mosh pit infield.  Time it right and you could hit a home football game at the University of Kentucky (Lexington).  Pazzo's is a great place to tailgate.

            New Orleans, LA:

                Whether you go during Marti Gras or not, New Orleans is a great town.  Grab some gumbo at Commander's Palace  Of course the bars and restaurants in the French Quarter are is its claim to fame but the city has more to offer and visits to UNO and Tulane are very cool.  Make sure you go to the Superdome and the Zoological Garden.  Welcome to N'Awlins.....