Shanghai is staging itself as the city of the future in the Orient, even though Hong Kong and cities in Malaysia such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are the current hot spots for business and trade.  Shanghai is using its developments on the East side of the Huangpu river (the new business district) and the Three Rivers Gorge Dam Project to make it the new financial center in the Far East.  I enjoyed my trip to Shanghai and while it is thriving as a business area it is definitely maintaining its beauty and culture.  Visits to the Jade Buddha temple and the Suzhou Garden are to great places to witness China's beauty.  I was fortunate enough to stay at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton but the Mandarin Oriental is another fabulous hotel.  Two things I recommend you do is ride the Huangpujiang ferry and visit the Yuyuan Garden Commercial City.  While Yuyuan may seem like a crowded area of shops and people which it, it has this remarkable and world famous tea garden hidden in its center.  If room permits have some tea and cookies in the little pagoda across the bridge (it has served Queen Elizabeth and several other heads of state).  May your fortunes be great!!!