I like Rome very much!!! It was amazing to just walk around and look at all that history. To see old ruins and buildings like the Colosseum was unreal. Where to start? The Pantheon, Spanish Steps and The Fountains of Trevi were unbelievable. It was great to see each of them and watch all the people as well. While it was quite a walk, if you have the time you can cover the whole city as well as the Vatican by just walking. This is great as I think Rome is in my top five worst cities to drive in (and ride)!!! There are some nice hotels in Rome, my favorite is a small place called the Hotel Dolomiti which is close to the train station. As you walk through Rome and partake in the local cuisine such as pastas and pizza (awesome), make a point of reserving a time to eat at Lumie di Sicilia. It is a bit outside of town (up in the Doria Pamphili but the food is fabulous, real Sicilian (I know, you are not in Southern Italy). Salvatore, the owner is a great host and has some remarkable dishes. My favorites have to be the Pistachio pasta dish and the crushed octopus antipasti dish, out of this world!! Enjoy an aperitif and tell Sal hello! Salute!!!