I visited Hanoi, Vietnam a few years back and it was another great experience even with the limited knowledge and pre-conceptions from TV and movies.  Hanoi is a beautiful city and the people are awesome.  It is an experience right when you land at the airport, which seemed nothing more than a small airstrip.  The ride was great, driving down these semi dirt roads watching the farmers in the rice patties plowing with their oxen.  No one really drove cars but there were lots and lots of mopeds, motorcycles and bicycles.  A friend of mine (Ho) took me around the city and it was a great time.  The shrines, temples and seeing the history from the war was a great experience.  There are a ton of reminders from the war that are still visible today.  I was fortunate enough to stay in this small and very nice hotel called the De Sylois on my visit.  I was told that Daewoo was building a five star hotel but if I visit again I am going back to the De Sylois.  The people and service was some of the best I have ever had anywhere in the world.  I recommend you hit the fabric district and get a few suits or shirts tailor made before you leave.