I have had lots of time to explore London and it is unbelievable!!  Just the romance and history alone is remarkable.  Driving along the Thames and seeing things like the Tower of London, London Eye, House of Parliament, London Bridge and Big Ben is unreal.  Visits have to include viewing Buckingham Palace (whether you wait with nine hundred million others to see the changing of the guards it entirely up to you), Trafalgar Square and Piccalilli Circus.  The times I have been there I usually stay in the Knightsbridge district at either the Loundes Hyatt or the Sheraton towers, just down the street from Margaret Thatcher's flat .  Both places are great and are located in a very nice and upscale part of London.  You have to make an appearance at the London Park Tower casino in the Sheraton (after you become a member of course, dress code highly enforced) to play a hand at roulette or baccarat and feel like Bond, James Bond.  Once settled in, it is time to hit the pubs and there are some great ones as well as some very very old ones.  Some of my favorites are located in Convent Gardens such as the Lamb and the Flag and the White Lion (tell Mary and Linda hello) but you can't go wrong in any you find.  Hey kids look Big Ben, Parliament (what movie)?  CHEERS!!!