I made a stop to Cape Town, South Africa a few years ago on a trip to dive with Great White Sharks and needless to say it was fabulous trip.  South Africa is a gorgeous country and area.  After spending about 24 hours in planes and airports I was ready for anything, little did I expect the trip of a lifetime.  Cape Town is my second favorite city in the world (HK).  Two of my favorite places are Table Mountain and the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.  The views from Table Mountain are second to none, it just enhances the whole beauty of the area.  While the city and downtown are great, the drives around the outskirts are just as fantastic especially when you are cruising around Chapman's Peak Drive.  You drive this extremely winding and scenic road and see the ocean, the cliffs and then you realize that this is the end of the continent (next land mass is Antarctic).  The whole time in Cape Town I took advantage of some great bed and breakfasts.  While there are quite a few five star hotels I thought it would be more personal staying at bed and breakfasts (though breakfast is always soo early).  I recommend a visit to the V&A for some drinks and seafood.  If you have time venture outside the city and take in one of the safari tours that are available.  Enjoy!!