I haven't been to many places in Canada and those that I have visited were long ago but Canada is definitely a great place with a lot to offer.  It is one of those places that is relative close in proximity but one that I often forget about when it comes to vacations.  I think it would be great to visit each one of the Providence's, because each one seems to offer different experiences.  While there are the obvious choices of cities like Montreal, Quebec and Toronto where most of the population lives, I think some of the more obscure areas would be the most fun.  A great trip would be to Nova Scotia to see the tides of the Bay of Fundy, the largest ones in the world.  Kayaking around the Islands of Vancouver would be a very beautiful visit.  Hitting Calgary during the rodeo would be a neat experience.  I think my most favorite would be a trip to northern Canada and the Northwest Territories close to the Baffin Islands and Greenland to do some ice diving.  It would be great to have the possibly of seeing some Beluga whales and maybe see the rare Greenland shark.