I love Bogotá, yes you heard right I love Bogotá.  It is a great town and even though the Cartel is strong in Bogotá and there is a very visible military presence when you walk around it is a nice place.  Most of the people are friendly and it has a good night life with bars and casino.  I do recommend going out with locals especially if you go to the casinos (Mary if you can find her).  Bogotá has a ton of parks and plazas to enjoy looking at the mountains and the country side.  Make sure you see the Plaza de Bolivar (named after whom, yes Simon Bolivar).  If you do visit I want to say be very careful, even if you only stay in the Centro part of town.  Colombia does get bad reputations from the news and movies and while most of it is true in the smaller towns and outside of larger ones it is probably just as safe as New York City.  One of the most pleasant surprises came when checking into my hotel, the Howard Johnson!  I was a little worried when I was told this was my hotel but it turned out very nice.  While the Howard Johnson (HoJo here in the states, which is just asinine) is not exactly luxury it is a very very nice hotel in Bogotá and South America in general.  While you are visiting make sure you enjoy a cup of coffee.