I haven't visited Antarctica yet, in fact that is the only continent that I have not been to as of today.  I definitely would love to go.  Basically you can get there one of two ways.  You take a cruise that leaves out of Christchurch, New Zealand and heads to southern Chile and ventures down to Antarctica or bum a ride on one of the military transports that make routine trips (they leave room for tourists).  The cruise is probably your best bet for a quick island hop though the cruise lasts for about for three weeks.  The military transport is cheaper I heard but you go when it goes and leaves when it leaves.  When I was traveling a lot, I did do some research on Antarctica and it was quite interesting.  In the summer months sometimes it is similar to very cold winters in Chicago but when winter hits there temperatures and winds make it very very unbearable (dress warm and bring sun glasses).  Actually part of the "training" on the plane trip is you are issued extreme weather kits and clothing in case you get separated, snow angels anyone.